Know the Differentials Timol


The plastic in the products

Own industry

Timol has a manufacturing plant to produce its main products.

7 different forms of gain

The Timol Success System is the most evolved on the market and pays the associate for sales and referrals in nine different ways, which greatly increases the possibility of financial independence.

Bonus day payment

The soundness of Timol allows the automatic payment of bonuses, judiciously, every Friday, without the need for a withdrawal request.

Career path

The rise in Timol happens in a gradual and simplified way. This allows the associate to reach the main qualifications with his performance, leading him to the big awards and the increase of his participation in the gains.

Awards: from international travel to imported cars

When the associate qualifies in the main positions he receives as recognition vehicles, international travel, imported vehicles. All this is the result of his work that Timol recognizes and makes the deserved award

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